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  1. Congratulations haven’t been to Vegas in a long time !
  2. This is What was sent to the Events Committee after one of the Events Committee reached out to offer support with their proposal! Rick spoke to "other planners". There were 3 other planners. that agreed to have Rick to send this email. This was the reply. I reached out to The 2 POCs and suggested they get some help from Tim, Vohn, Nick. I got an email tonight : "I have spoke to the other planners, we withdraw our bid to host the 2019 Meet. Thanks your time to consider our proposal. Good luck! Rick
  3. These are the present remaining voting members. wmschmidt1972 2_shoes ggnutsc Hbpete National Meet Chairperson 2019 until 12/31/2019 he will be replaced by the 2020 National Meet Chairman I am the Chairman of the Events Committee and do not Vote unless there is a tie vote on the committee. Also there is a standing Policy that if an event is held in the region you are in you cannot vote on and proposal from your region. If there is a tie vote and that event is in the Events Committee Chairmans region they can’t vote and it goes to the BOD to
  4. I am sorry to see some of the posting regarding this Event. I only hope that a group or someone one steps up to host this historic Event.
  5. Here are an example of what 2 group sent in for VMC NATIONAL PROPOSALS. 2012 and 2018 2012 VMC National Proposal. VMC Officer 74 2,695 posts Report post Posted April 12, 2011 Here is the latest Info regarding the 2012 National Meet. Still no Budget outline.
  6. Thanks Mark. I’ll let you know when I start the process. I’m hoping to get more responses to my call for members to participate. There are 13 or 14 legs that need to be covered. This year the route goes from West to east.
  7. Thank you for your replies. I will be reviewing past V2V and Gene Hunt is going to help me get a handle on the process. Thank Again Chuck
  8. The Events Committee is accepting proposals to host the 20 Anniversary Meet of the Victory Motorcycle Club! This would be a Great opportunity for a group located in the central part of the Country to Host an Historic VMC Event! Please contact me for more information regarding hosting the 20th VMC ANNIVERSARY MEET,
  9. Hello VMC MEMBERS! The Events Committee is looking for support to hold the 2020 V2V! We are asking for individuals to host legs f the Annual V2V. The Events Committee is waiting till the end of the Election process to start looking for people to get involved with the V2V Ride across the USA. The Events Committee will be contacting all Regional Reps for support of the historic Event! If you haven’t read about the V2V and why it was started please find that information and read about the history! It is my opinion that even though this Ride was started to honor the WW1 soldiers I believ
  10. Mark, I will be in Prague in October and hope to meet Svatoslav during our stay.
  11. The Adirondack Victory riders just got finished hosting a great National Meet and they will be posting picture as soon as the can. Let them catch their breath. in the mean time start planning you trip to next year!
  12. Sorry for the delay we will be posting an update soon. We need to get the registration link setup for the Rally.
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