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  1. Love the ZipLine shots!!! and the bike line as well. We are already talking about coming to visit you folks for a weekend of riding! Do you think you can show us some good rides???? Thanks for supporting the Meet!
  2. Looks like you show Scott a good time during his stay!!! Cheryl and I will definitely be seeing his new shop in Boca, and meeting up with Lobster/Gecko hunter!
  3. Wish I could have join you all but I was a little busy with something called a Meet :dno :doh :qyc AND GO RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!:blnk
  4. Come on Lobster post those pictures!!!!!!
  5. Hearsay!!!! I know there are pictures out there somewhere! If not I know 5 people that will testify you tried. I thought "stoggy ball" was fun as well, I know Lobster has pictures of that!!!
  6. Nice!!! Thanks for posting them!!!! love the Train Coal power!!!
  7. V92CRider, If you give us you trip rout may be some of the folks up here can meet up with you and show you some of the sites up here? Some one will be on the road I know. Chuck
  8. There must be 1000 pictures on this thread already!!!!!!! AWESOME!! Great shot Terry and Rich
  9. "To Many Roads and so little time to show you all of them." Hope you all come back to ride with us again! :chpr
  10. Terri Love the helmet cam. Next time we will have to us it when we put the Kids to bed!! We will be passing your way in October! Don't you just love the Hurricane!!!!!
  11. That really sucks!!!!! I had a roll bag let go like that but it was empty, that why it fell off. Fred is right as long as you're alright is what counts!
  12. Rick57, Look like the "Flamingo Lounge" May have 2 locations in the near future. And the original may be hitting the road next year as well!!! Victory Bear has to have his on private lounge.
  13. Nice pictures Dave. Love the group photo of Adirondacers!!!!!
  14. Drunk again goin to bed 2 ride Tuesday!!! :beer :tu
  15. Ian, Thank U for you leading the Western Ride !! I owu and Rick big time!!! Maine will have a Flamingo Lounge 2 soon!
  16. The scares on the green XC from Rochester were gotten on the second pass of the Dragon, Yah, those on the fairing and wind shieid Had to be a 360 spiral roll!!! I do have eyes Ian, and I am riding everyday since the National!! Hope your workin!!! Kid, get a better job when you graduate form MBA and Scott can fix you up!!! The Flamingo Lounge may be seen at the next National!!!!!!!!!! Who's goin??????? CAN YOU FIND THE FLAMINGO IN THE PICTURES????? WE NOW MAY HAVE VICTORY FLAMINGO!!!! SCOTT HOW ABOUT THAT IDEA WE SPOCK ABOUT "Crown Vic" kinda covers 2 bases!!!! I have a buyer for it!!! She may have to sell the house !!!! ????? What do you think "Stoggy"???? Anyone ever play "stoggy Ball" KID you won!!!! Lobster, Size doesn't matter! It's quality not quantity remember ! Plus are crawdads are HARD SHELLED!!
  17. Divigal Posted her Photos!! Behind the scenes during down time when the rides were gone and more. http://gallery.me.com/victorylady#100100
  18. Sounds Great Mark, as usual it's always great to see you and Lisa! October is pretty much booked but if your date isn't filled Cheryl and I will be there! Ride safe. :y: These pictures are spectacular !!!!!
  19. Some Great pictures there, Sarah and Rick!! and those are just the tip of the iceberg !!! Sorry I didn't make it up to the say so long to everyone Sunday I hope everyone makes it home safe and sound!! Thanks to everyone!!! I hope Scott had a good time on his personal guided tour of the roads up here!!!! :chpr
  20. tkt2ride AWESOME!!! or as they say around her PISSSSSERR!!! Hope you had a good time!! Was great to meet and drink with you. Thanks for the help putting the kids to bed those nights(mornings)!!!!!!! :chpr
  21. Post your pictures Here from the Meet Post any pictures from the beginning of your ride to get there as well. Before and After will be great to see!!!!
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