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  1. Once again I had a great time on the V2V this year, and can't wait to see everyone again at the National Rally in Vegas. Get your reservations in as soon as possible, so Rose and the committee can get some idea of how many to plan for........see ya down the road to Vegas!
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    Join the party!!! I'm riding to the wall, the tail of the dragon, to Lexington KY, for the flat track, to DeSoto via Detriot......See ya there, Look for my white and silver Vision.....
  3. Will be catching up with the V2V in Craig for the next 3 legs....from AZ with PVR from PV AZ.......just can't handle Frisco on the 4th, been there done that, but the rest of the legs are great...can't wait!!!!
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    All signed up and will be there to check it out on the way back to Arizona!!!
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    See you all in Laughlin at the Aquarius ! JERALD
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