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  1. in the past we have been rolling in the 8:30 to 9:00 ish time frame, it's a fairly long day, and usually stop for lunch in Vernal Utah, if I was not staying at the hotel, my plan would be to get to the Zermatt by 8:00am, worst case would be I would have time to have a coffee. Mike posted his phone number at the beginning of this thread, you could always call him the evening before we leave and see what his plan is.
  2. DirtyTwin

    VITO 2021

    OK lads n lasses, VITO week is finally here, mask restrictions have been lifted in Colorado, sure it's still snowing,,, but only at night, and as I mature, (nope, no one's is going to believe that!), I have made the decision, it's pulling weeds OR shoveling snow, not both😊. I am fully inoculated, still have enough cash for some $4 gas and $8 beers,,,, look out Eureka Springs here I come!!!😊
  3. Woop woop! Already can't wait to see see everyone at Zermatt, ride to Craig will be epic, like the last 6 or 7 have been πŸ˜„
  4. wait just a dog gone minute!!!!! Naahh, your probably right βœ… πŸ˜€πŸ€ͺ
  5. Wazzup buttercup? I think either route is good, St Francis is always a great stop, no matter which way you go I am fine with it. If there is room at Lake Wilson for 1 tree hugging hippie, mark me down, (pretty sure you could get at least 3 in the shower), water is not a renewable commodity, the more we save now..... As you know I live to chuck dirty wrenches into clean machinery! Can't help it, it's just what I am good at!,,,but I believe the Elephant is closed on a Sunday, which is the day we are leaving the world center of feed lots, (Ft Morgan), and heading Mrs Simpsons place!!
  6. Wazzup buttercup? I think either route is good, St Francis is always a great stop, no matter which way you go I am fine with it. If there is room at Lake Wilson for 1 tree hugging hippie, mark me down, (pretty sure you could get at least 3 in the shower), water is not a renewable commodity, the more we save now.....
  7. No problem, got my hotels booked between Utah and Wilson Kansas, really looking forward to getting out of the house πŸ™‚ going to make getting both my shots worth it!πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Viv, Congrats on being the driving force for the 2021 V2V, as I am challenged in most things, with maybe the exception of consuming of adult beverages, is there a "sign up/ registration" for this years event?
  9. The cost on hotels goes UP every year, and availability gets tougher every year, where possible I have tried to use Comfort Inn, HOWEVER, in the great Rocky Mountain Region (basically Denver to Ely Nevada for our purposes), it is VERY PRIME SEASON (their regular rates are about 70% higher that there "normal" rates!!!), and Comfort Inn has been less than willing to give the V2V group a "killer deal" on rates when they are typically sold out anyway. OK, so what this means to you is, if you are planning on ridding any of the legs from Denver-West, (and you absolutely should!) budget around $150 a night for your room, if you can talk a buddy into coming along with you, (and you should bring at least 1) that breaks down to about $75 a night per bed, (we can usually get double queen rooms if we know in advance). Most of the hotels we try to "block" offer some form of a breakfast, either included in the cost of your room, or for about $15 including tip. You will burn thru about 1 and a half tanks per day of gas, currently we are in the $3.65 range for gas in "the mountain towns". I am sure it will be closer to $4.35/ $4.65 per gallon by next summer, budget $35 a day for fuel and you will have enough to maybe even have a bottle or 2 of water or Gatorade, you will need that, because it's usually pretty warm, (like in mid 90's or higher), lots of water really helps stop altitude sickness, so plan on at least double what you would normally consume, and don't worry, we are old too, "P" stops are usually not an issue!, 1 tip is, every day, buy a bottle of water and your favorite flavored Gatorade/Powerade, cut it 50/50 with water, and you will be thankful for the electrolytes and the water, (and for having 2 x's the fluids available). An oil and filter change before you leave the house, tires that will "easily" go "twice as far" as "you think you are going to ride", (don't leave the house on tires that you can "get one more ride out of"!), 1) you can't, 2) you won't be near a dealership when the guy riding behind you starts telling you what kewel colored chords your tires have, 3)you are going to spend a chunk of fun tokens renting a truck and trailer and buying Walmart tie downs, to get your bike to the nearest dealer, who "thinks he may have a tire that fits, (he doesn't), but his mechanic can't get to it for "a while", don't be THAT guy!, flats happen, mechanical's happen, bald tires should never happen! Although it never rains on the V2V, bring decent rain gear, it has been known to "sprinkle" once in a while, (isn't that right Gene?) another reason to have decent tires, mountain roads are no fun on bowling balls, and really miserable on worn out bowling balls in the rain/fog. Dinner each evening is typically around $20, adult beverages, the same, (your mileage may vary!). you will not regret riding a few legs of the V2V, great company, top class experience, and while I can't vouch for riding across Kansas and Eastern Colorado, the next 3 days of the V2V in 2019 are a motorcyclists dream!. Finally, don't forget, you are riding away from home, as much as you don't want to, ya gotta home sooner or later, so a few extra hotels, meals, gas and miles, most of all JUST DO IT! I think if you plan $225 a day after you leave the house until you get back home, you may have enough to buy your leg captains a refreshing beverage, and, should arrive home with a little seed money for 2020, and what will be probably a few of the best days riding you have ever had!, a ton of new friends, who you will want to ride with again.
  10. Way 2 Go Max! bet the room would have been cheaper than your bar bill is going to be!! :-{o) Cheers!!!!
  11. Rode out of Castle Rock with Paul for the first hour this morning, before breaking off in Kiowa to head home. It is a hot one on the plains of Colorado today, was about 85 degs at 8.30 am, when I headed toward the house! Ohh how those guys are going to be wishing for the high mountain passes of the last few days,, πŸ™‚ and will be windy and storms when they get to Wilson Kansas. Paul decided to get a "scoot out" early this morning to try to beat the heat and the storms, Rick and Cleta were waiting for the Denver traffic to "thin out", (which I don't think ever happens!), then were heading north toward South Dakota. Want to thank all the participants of legs 4 and 5, they were reasonably well behaved πŸ™‚ and obeyed every speed limit sign, (hey, it's my story and I am sticking to it!!), played well with each other, and the great unwashed, a large group of great representatives of the Victory Motorcycle Club, well done guys, it was a great pleasure to be your leg captain for the last few days, you really are a terrific family, i am missing you already. Cheers, Graham
  12. Good Morning everyone, Just an FYI regarding your room reservation for the evening of June 24th in Midway Utah. If you HAVE NOT USED the following link to book your room at the Zermatt Resort: : https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/trademark/midway-utah/zermatt-utah-resort-and-spa/rooms-rates?checkin_date=6/24/2018&checkout_date=6/25/2018&group_code=10K7IU YOU DO NOT HAVE A ROOM RESERVED!, for Sunday evening June 24th at the special V2V rate.
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