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  1. Please count on myself and my husband Phil. We will love to ride the whole way with our Europe VMC family. See you soon. 🤗🏍️🤗
  2. Paul Simpson shard photos of his routes on this years V2V.
  3. Here is a video for everyone, courtesy of Amy Barnes. 9F13CD39-CDF0-4BA2-ADB8-2D91DD6FBC9D.mov
  4. Leg 6 Bishops Castle and Lamar for lunch photos from Paul Simpson and the three riders.
  5. Paul Simpson also has some great photos to share with us. These are also from Leg 5.
  6. Amy Barnes continues taking photos for us. These are the photos of Leg . These are just some of them and the rest will be in the next two post.
  7. Amy Barnes took these photos of Leg 4. These are just some of them and the rest will be in the next post.
  8. Here are some photos from Brenda Y.. we will definitely have to make this a stop on some of our trips. 🙃
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