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    The second running of the V2E (European equivalent of the US V2V) will start in Friuli, Italy on 30 June 2023 and run through Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Netherlands, NE England, and finish in Scotland on 12 July 2023. Details will be published in due course.
  2. Looks like a great event, and thanks for posting the pics…..it helps those of us who weren’t there to feel connected. Everyone I have spoken to who was there said they had a fantastic time. Needless to say, these events don’t just “happen” and I know there is a tremendous amount of work which goes on for months in planning, stressful days and probably sleepless nights. I take my hat off to Steve Domagala and his team for stepping up to the plate again this year. Well done Steve.
  3. Me too…..wasn’t this one of the major events in the calendar, with considerable funding from Members money? Surely we should see more than six photos, and of those six only one showed any bikes, and a second showed (three) members. Come on - share the excitement with the rest of us!
  4. WANTED. I am looking for one or two high-resolution photos of one of the Victory Highway memorials, and also of the “Madonna of the Trail” monuments. This is for inclusion in the next “Victory Tales” book, which I have mentioned a few times elsewhere. It would be ideal if the photo(s) included some of our members and bikes, but if not, ok, just of the monuments. I have collected a number of photos some of you have kindly posted on here, but the website tends to reduce the resolution of the photos, and I need higher-res. So, if anyone can help, and doesn’t mind me using the photos in the next Vic Tales book, could you please email me: Marku1960@hotmail.com
  5. Our LC, Victory Riders Club Germany (VRCG), are planning what sounds like a fantastic European event, between 26 – 29 May 2022, in the region of the Black Forest in Germany. VRCG have already sent out invitations to our LCs in Europe, and it is hoped that guests from Norway, UK and other countries may also attend. Further details will be posted in due course, but I can tell you that Lothar (VRCG Pres) and his team are well into the detailed planning, and have told me that there will be an all-day guided tour (approx 200km) planned for all participants on May 27th in the Black Forest area, and there will be a second guided tour (approx 260km) on May 28th in the Alsace region of France. It sounds like it is going to a fantastic and very memorable event. I am sure that those military members who served in Germany will remember what a beautiful area this is. If anyone is making a trip to Europe over this time, I am sure the VRCG would be delighted to see you - Lothar Wiencke is the man to contact. I know that our other European LCs will be supporting the event too.
  6. The VMC - Making history and friendships for over 20 years.
  7. until

    Oops, sorry, my fault! Excuse me BVCC!!
  8. until
    Victory Riders Club Germany are holding an official VMC Meeting in the Black Forest area of Germany 26.05.2022 - 29.05.2022 26.05. Thursday. Arrival of the participants - approx 6:30 p.m. Welcome speech and delivery of guest gifts. Welcoming our new VRCG members 2022 with presentation of our club patches. Appointment of our first honorary Club Member- approx 7:00 p.m. Dinner together with local specialties (open end). 27.05. Friday. Breakfast together until 9:30 a.m. Briefing for the guided tour. 10:00 a.m. start of the guided tour through the northern Black Forerst/lengh approx 200 km (with stops at local attractions). Approx 1:00 p.m. Lunch in a typical Black Forest inn. Local cuisine! Return to the venue around 6:00 p.m. Approx 7:00 p.m. dinner together with local specialties- happy hour (open end). 28.05. Saturday. Breakfast together until 9:30 a.m. Briefing for the guided tour 10:00 a.m. start of the guided tour trough the region of the Alsace region/France approx 200 km + (with stops at local attractions). Approx 1:00 p.m. Lunch in a typical Alsace inn with local cuisine Return to the venue 6:00 p.m. Approx 7:00 p:m dinner together followed by a surprise! Happy hour (open end). 29.05. Sunday Breakfast together then farewell to all participants. And of course many many nice conversations with old and new friends in our VMC community.
  9. Awesome, well done all of you. And thanks Kram for spending time to give us all chance to see the photos and for the write up. Excellent.
  10. I have compiled 110 pages of club history which I hoped would be put on the website early this year for members to correct, add to, delete, etc. A decision was made (not by me) to wait to do this (and the other ideas I had proposed) until after the new team looked at the website content as a whole. I have to say, I was disappointed as I hoped this would be something all members could see during the anniversary year and help improve so we had an agreed “official history” and it was something I have spent a ridiculous amount of time compiling, so now I am just trying to keep it updated. That having been said, I have posted many times about parts of the history I was working on at that particular time, and a number of members have seen it, including some of the charter members. Does that answer your question?
  11. Thanks Kevin, no, I sent 4 x PMs here via the website. She did reply to my first message saying she would gather the info, but heard nothing since. I am sure, as she is our next Sec, she will be checking here regularly so I am sure she must just be too busy right now. It isn’t urgent as such, I was just trying to keep the Club history updated, especially whilst things are fresh in people’s minds, and I thought it was a straightforward question….how many members/non-members attended?
  12. I have sent Rose 4 messages since 15 Sep. I received one reply saying she would send me the details...since then nothing heard. All I need is headline figures, unless the organisers feel there is anything else they want recorded.
  13. Does anyone have any key statistics from this year’s Nats please. For the Club history I would just like to say “x members attended, y non-members” and any other basic info. I have sent 3 or 4 messages since 15 September, was promised info, but received nothing. Can anyone help please?
  14. Yes, sorry, I really hoped to get over to meet you all this year, but with the Covid situation it just isn’t practicable. I cannot get my second shot before October, and returning here would entail 14 days in quarantine in a hotel. I am sure it will be a fantastic event and I can’t wait to see the photos.
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    Please see my comment on your other similar post in the European Forum,
  16. Still a few shirt designs I don’t have photos of, but here’s this year’s added. What a history!
  17. Llama


    European Relay, crossing 6 countries.
  18. Llama


    The Pure Freedom Victory Riders LC (New Zealand) inaugural event.
  19. How amazing that 99.9% listen to over the airwaves radio stations....that 0.1% seems to still give some of these radio stations thousands of listeners. And you clearly haven't checked out the full list or REALLY checked out what they are all about.....but then you always know best! So maybe you can explain what have you done positively to promote the club, even in your local area? Then the rest of us who are TRYING can learn from your boundless experience and energy.
  20. Too busy to write a long list of biker radio stations…I presumed you would know better than me. Here are just a few off the top of my head, so apologies if I get any names wrong…I am surprised you didn’t know there was even one! Biker Radio Biker Classic Rock Biker Hart Harley Liberty Then there are news video stations such as: Bikers Inner Circle Black Dragon Biker TV Insane Throttle And there are some others in Europe such as Biker F M in UK…. and the list goes on! Anyhow, there are more but I am too busy these days.
  21. Why did you think I was talking about Taiwan? I am friends with hosts of two US Online biker radio stations and have written several articles for one of them before. The other offered a live interview spot last year but it wasn’t my place to accept. Zero budget effect.
  22. Thanks - I am picking the photos up from here. For some reason I can't open the videos. I do think we should have been hitting the motorcycle press and radio stations with announcements - I had suggested it some months ago (in fact I have been nagging about this since last Fall) I drafted a press release in an attempt to ease workload for others, so maybe it was done and I am not aware. Too late now for the V2V, except for LCs/Regions trying to get something in their local press in the last few days - again, maybe this is already happening. Not too late for radio stations though. And not too late for our Anni year in general (almost, but ....). Knowing how far in advance the mainstream magazines work it almost certainly is for them, although they might squeeze a mention in their general news pages. We should be broadcasting to the world that it is our 20th, about the V2V, the Nats, regional and local events, including overseas - V2E across Europe, the Scotland and New Zealand events, e.g., events all over the world to commemorate our official 20th year. I believe the Marketing Committee will be reporting at the Board meeting in July, so perhaps we will hear what has been achieved then.
  23. And on behalf of all the international members I echo Candi’s comments. We will all be watching the progress with great interest.
  24. Yes, I also love the design……wish we had these shirts in the Store to purchase for those of us who cannot join the event, but we could still somehow support it.
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