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  1. I'll just wear a shirt with a FISHY on it LOL. I don't mind wearing a name tag. Hell most everyone knows me anyhow but I'm horrid at names so it helps me out a bunch! Another idea would be to have some one who can embroidery names & sew patches on! I don't wear my vest often but I'll bring it for sure.
  2. I'm in!! Hopefully I will be working & can get the time off. As of now it's a free for all cept no money LOL
  3. Ya for mega bucks Mags!! We have em here as well. I'm poverty ridden so have the ole tent & stuff. If it doesn't fit on the bike I don't need it. I do like hotels if I can afford tho. That hot shower, TV & Internet is great....specially after a long ride.
  4. LOL He thinks he's so sweet he'd melt?? Hardly! Sorry on the fiance bash. She should have ridden the V & put the flogger riding biotch LOLOLOL
  5. Someone rides slower than ME??????? Dayum that would have been worth the trip!!! I know "he" couldn't unload that alone so someone will spill the beans. Obviously the fiance wasn't up for the long haul. TSK TSK TSK
  6. I may have come into a couple of sheckles! I'm still gonna book at the end of the week. Who knows what's gonna happen by next August. I'm excited to go!
  7. I know for a fact if I haven't melted in the rain and I KNOW I'm SWEET you guys sure won't!!! Put on your big girl panties & rain gear & go for it!! Be Safe Have FUN!!! Hi ALL!!
  8. They look great, but I hate polishing what little chrome, etc I have. No offense but I'd rather spend my $500 on a road trip.
  9. Definitely make arrangements. When I was there last year, I groveled my way in. They normally do tours on I believe Wednesdays but don't quote me on that. We were there on a Monday. It's well worth the stop. It's a great tour & quite interesting. Unfortunately they don't allow any pics inside the plant. Dave Shellany or Mike Dapper may be able to give you some numbers to make arrangements. I looked & never found any. If you have any contact with any of the Victory Reps or come across one of the Demo Trucks they may be able to give you more info. I'll try to remember to find out anything if I cross paths with anyone who might know. Sounds like a fun trip John. Wish I could make it back there, but no way this year. I'm fianlly almost back on my feet with a steady job and can't afford a month off which is what it would end up taking me. Have fun & be safe.
  10. Got this in the mail AMERICAN HEROES ESCORT OF THE VIETNAM WALL (APRIL 19TH) Join us for the American Heroes Escort of The Vietnam Wall: April 19, Thursday 2012 - Napalm Motorsports 1100 - Meet-up / Rally time at Napalm Motorsports 1200 - Lunch served - BBQ, hamburgers, hotdogs and soft drinks 1330 - Police escort to Camp Mabry 1400 - Arrive at Camp Mabry We are asking for RSVP's so we know how much food to order (Your RSVP is also your meal ticket). Please RSVP by sending an e-mail message to sales2@napalmmotorsports.com. Thanks for letting all of the other members of the VMC know about this event. Also, I sent a similar e-mail message to Scott from the Hill Country VMC Chapter. Spidey Napalm Motorsports Victory & Husqvarna Motorcycles of Austin 512-345-RIDE (7433) 12112 RR N 620, Austin, TX 78750 www.napalmmotorsports.com Here is the link for The American Veterans Traveling Tribute While the above dates might not match up in your area, plan on this if you can. Find your local area & let's show America that VICTORY RIDERS CARE!
  11. Have a margarita on Tigger!!! LOL Glad to see you all on they way safely. One of these days I'll get to ride the entire route. RIDE SAFE MY FRIENDS!!!
  12. EEK prayers for a fast recovery & hope its just minor for him & the bike. Keep us posted Spike. BTW Great to hear from but not under these circumstances.
  13. I'm playing this leg by ear. I may or may not continue on. The further East I go the further West I have to come home. Hotels are cheaper than camping sometimes and I'm on a real limited budget. A 900 mile ride home after 2 days with you all doesn't sound that much fun!!! LOLOLOL Being along with ya does tho. I have another week long ride coming up right after the V2V that's going to be way fun but a few $$. If I hit a JP in CC I'll go for it other wise not. LOLOL So I'm not holding my breath. Can't wait tho!!! One of these days I'm going for the whole shebang!!!
  14. Just got home safe & sound. Had wayyyyy too much fun with everyone last night. LOL Got up early for breakie & the send off. Will post some pics asap. Blew it on the dress code. I'm still shivering from riding over Donner Summit. BRRRRR I decided to just bee line it home. Looks like it's trying to rain in Folsom. YUK! Time for a hot shower. Can't bring myself to turn the heater on. Was sure fun seeing everyone!!!
  15. I'd like to dedicate this leg this year to Liana and that she is all in our prayers for a full recovery. Sorry to shanghai your BD Jimmy, but..... Mike I hope you can make it but if not you & Liana are in our prayers.
  16. Bit the bullet. got room booked for Carson City. Prolly meet yas for lunch in Galt.
  17. Hopefully I can hook up en route. I don't dare ask for time off GRRR Got to good of a gig going.
  18. Any idea on a route yet? I doubt I can do much but sure as heck gonna try to at least join up along the way.
  19. There's a Victory Eagle there downtown & I think the thought process to start in Santa Cruz was because of that. I can get Manny the info where that is if Patti doesn't have it, but I think I sent it to her.
  20. Donna! Surely you jest? LOL It's when we get there. Gonna make resies but geeze this job doesn't leave much flexiblitly. Is Manny still on this one? Santa Cruz to Carson is a long freakin way even taking the direct route.
  21. I keep trying to sign in and its a no go. How the heck ya register. I want to order a Magnetic drain plug & some waRshers. Thanks
  22. Unfortunately my plans changed. I JUST started work Monday so can't affford to take a week off at this point. Haven't wokred since last Oct. Really bummed I can't make it as this meet is within reach. I'll be there in spirit tho. There's gorgeous riding around there & as ya gain some altitude it should cool off a bit.
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