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  1. Congratulations Sin City Victory Riders!
  2. This 3300 km 9 day route offers a variety of different landscapes, from mountainous to rural to waterfront. I may try it next time anti clockwise to experience being closer to the water and most definitely very different views. Keeping the days between 250-325 kms seemed to give enough time to take in some sights along the way. Some highlights being Reford Gardens in Grand- Metis, Sentiers Parc des Chutes in Riviere du Loop and some great looking lighthouses. We were thrilled to be able to watch some seals just outside of Matane lounging on some rocks. Great weather and next to no tourists, an
  3. It's a bit of a task to upload multiple pics here Mike...... believe me I've tried (and it could be my connection). If you are interested here is the link to check out the 2020 Rally pics in the VMC FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/thevictorymotorcycleclub/ the album is in announcements. Once they are all in the album I can try and get them over here as well
  4. Wishing you all the best with the rest of the planning Craig - although we won't end up being able to cross the border after all I'm hoping you all will have lots of pics to share with us. Hope to meet you and Christy at the next one. We were also watching the numbers from here and Washington County appears to be fairly low risk and you'll be "gone riding" most of the time anyway 🙂. Looks like you're going above and beyond with the safety precautions - I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated by all attending. Well done to all involved with the planning given all the challenges and I hope you a
  5. We took 5 days to circle Lake Michigan travelling between 200- 280 miles per day as we did a lot of sightseeing – the entire route being around 1300 miles. We did this one clockwise, spending some time at the Village at Grand Traverse where we visited a former state run asylum. You could spend an entire day here with all the history. The asylum’s construction consists of 8 million bricks that took less than 3 years to build…..what a remarkable feat for 1883! Glen Arbor was one of the prettiest most serene places I think I have ever been, such a quaint town with a lot going on and s
  6. We took 7 days to ride this 1168 miles (1879kms) riding it clockwise to first see the Charlotte Genessee Lighthouse Museum in Rochester, NY which is the oldest surviving lighthouse on Lake Ontario. The worlds largest six pack of Labbats Blue beer was an attraction we rode to and stopped at breifly for a pic in Buffalo. The Erie Maritime Museum was a great place to visit with lots of very interesting exhibits and since we were there the Bicentennial Tower offered some nice views of Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie. Rode on to Huron, OH and stopped by the Marblehead lighthouse on the way to Put In
  7. This is the route that has the best of everything and the most beautiful views of the grandest of the 5 great lakes. We clocked 2,137 miles round trip, taking 7 days to enjoy this trip but could have taken longer as there is so much to see. We broke up our days riding to average 300 miles so we had time to take in some sights along the way. Point Iroquois Lighthouse at the entry to St Mary's River boasts a nice view of Lake Superior and Tahquamenon Falls were a beautiful spot for a break. Gooseberry Falls State Park has more outstanding waterfalls and breathtaking scenery on the north shore
  8. This is an 1189 mile route with numerous attractions to see along the way. Routes have been broken down into 250-280 mile days. We took 5 days to enjoy this trip. Stopping in at the Soo Locks Visitor Centre and climbing the Tower of History in Sault Ste Marie, MI. Some attractions along the way were Presque Isle Lighthouse, on the North shore of Presque Isle Park in Erie, PA,, Wilson's Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning, MI. Mike Weir Park and Huron Historic Jail in Goderich, ON were a few of the other sights we visited. Lake Huron Circle.gpx
  9. Attached is a map for anyone interested to check out, it is also posted under our Meets/Rallys/Events section (accessible from the home page of the website). It could be going through a town or city near you.............. maybe you'd like to participate in one or more of the legs! V2V 2020 - Entire route and a break down of the 13 legs *Please note - leg captains provide their own routes but they will be similar to the ones shown
  10. I takes me to the event website - have you clicked on it? or try this https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2020.wordpress.com/registration/
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