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  1. I am so proud that "my guys" - members of the Long River Riders - are finishing up this year's V2V. Well done everyone who brought that baton (and the sand!) from the West Coast to the East this year! Happy Independence Day! Victory forever!
  2. It's so great to see a good number of folks/bikes participating! GO GO GO V2Vers!
  3. What a great pic! Spot looks like our riders are somewhere in the middle of the States - keep those pictures coming folks!
  4. Although this is a good idea - we do not have the ability to post in all Facebook pages - we are not a "company" that has designated personnel to do these things - we can only hope that VMC members who are on these pages take the opportunity to promote their Club on these pages.
  5. Great pics folks! Keep em coming! Looks like the weather is treating you well!
  6. Awesome! Keep those pics coming and I LOVE those shirts!
  7. Just wondering Rick - (and hopefully!) Have you had success in getting participants for this leg? It's always a challenge so I hope you've been successful! As former participants that are now sidelined, both Arnold and I will be riding with you "in absentia". Keep the rubber on the road!
  9. THAT IS AN AWESOME DESIGN! I so wish we were taking part but not this year. We'll be sending good vibes for great weather with no stress for everyone participating! Looking forward to the pictures!
  10. Small correction - the sand jar (which began somewhere around 7-8 years ago) is emptied out at the end of each year's relay. This year, the sand will come from the Pacific side and be emptied into the Atlantic side - next year reversed, etc. Here's a pic of the jar as it was filled on a Rhode Island beach in anticipation of traveling across the US from 2015. The Long River Riders led the charge that year.
  11. Our European brothers and sisters are planning their very first "tour" this year! They've dubbed it V2E (Victory to Europe) and the planned start date is when ours ends - thus "keeping it going". Mark Vickers can give you more information on it. And they are having a second baton crafted I believe!
  12. Looks like we have a V2V! Congratulations and good riding!
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