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  1. I view 'ruffled feathers" as a wake-up call. Discussion and voicing different opinions are necessary to make any organization grow. I have always thought this Club is diverse with its members, and just one of the reasons I choose to participate on the BoD and a local chapter. I agree, it was briefly discussed at the end of the BoD meeting, W4W was mentioned as well as polling the general membership. If someone other than me would like to take on that responsibility, go for it. I will support that campaign. I choose to use my volunteer time on other projects as a member of the P&P and bylaw committee, as well as a RR. The P&P committee has several more projects to complete, we are just getting started. Although I am not the one spending countless hours typing and posting information on the newly updated Bylaws and P&P drop down. I know for a fact, there are many, many hours involved with what has been accomplished to date. See the 'ruffled feathers' again? Members of the P&P/Bylaws committee have discussed and searched and begged for more current and updated/certified copies of the P&P's. Many hours have been donated to this campaign recently, and in the past. Prior P&P committees seemed to be struggle to find more than one active member. The current P&P committee has three, and I am proud of their accomplishments. Several of these documents have not been discussed or reviewed by a committee or BoD for years. It is time All of that said, hopefully read with a kind heart. I would like to pass the name update in the Bylaws as soon as possible. If the LC P&P passes, and it looks favorable at this writing, the name should be changed in the Bylaws to agree. If a different charity to donate to upon VMC dissolution, is chosen at a later date, I am confident that the charity name can easily be amended at that time.
  2. I appreciate the passion that has been displayed in this thread in less than 24 hrs. However, this thread's purpose is for the bylaw committee to propose amendments. From here, they will post to Boardroom discussions. From those discussions, hopefully, a motion poll will form. Some ideas make it to poll, and some don't! There must be a misunderstanding of what MY intention is for this proposal! I am not trying to change the charity. I am simply trying to update the name of the charity the founding fathers of the Club named. A charity would only be needed if this world wide Club would dissolve. There is a proposed motion to amend VMC Local Chapter Standards for Formation/Operation. It is in discussion now, will move to poll soon. That P&P suggests that each local chapter chooses a charity of their choice. Discussion led to confusion that Victory Junction was THE recommended charity and no other charity should be supported by a local chapter. During that discussion, changing to a different charity was not mentioned. the Bylaws and the P&P must not contradict each other! If you change one, it may need to change the other one also. So, if you all feel strongly that The VMC will dissolve, then go ahead, make your polls to choose a different charity to support upon dissolving. When that's completed, advise the committee and a proposed motion will be put to discussion. One more consideration. I am not legal council! But somewhere along the line, there is consideration for needs to our charter and the certificate of incorporation.
  3. Section IX – Dissolution Subsection no subsection Name: Dissolution Discussion: Kyle Petty Children’s Charities name change Date: Certified: MOTION PURPOSE: The purpose of this motion is to correct the name of the suggested charity to the current name, Victory Junction. MOTION SPECIFICS: This Club may be dissolved in accordance with law. Any assets remaining after payment of costs and expenses of the dissolution proceedings, payment of debts, obligations and liabilities of the Club shall be distributed to the Kyle Petty Children’s Charities Victory Junction. FINANCIAL IMPACT: None
  4. As the safety and health are top priority of all of our members and their riders, the Board of Directors has decided to not hold the annual V2V relay in 2020. I, along with most, are disappointed. The complexity of this event, passing through many states, and the individual area guidelines for the pandemic, complicates the planning. I would like to make a somewhat virtual V2V. If members will send pictures to me, with specific location details, from along the normal V2V route, I hope to post a collage for each leg. Of course with lots of help and support of the members. I look forward to 2021.
  5. The decision is scheduled for tonight, at the Board meeting.
  6. Greetings, Leg details, hotel information, all the pertinent stuff will be posted soon. Please understand, this relay is still on a hold due to the National shutdown. Hopefully, a decision will be made to go or no go 5-13-20. In the meantime, with the information Amanda has compiled, look at your schedules and the proposed areas/routes and develop a plan.
  7. We are underway with the planning for the 2020 V2V. We have some amazing volunteers that have stepped up to be your Leg Captains. Here are the 13 legs, dates and leg captains. The destinations are planned as close as possible to the original Victory Highway. V2V 2020 Leg Date Start Point End Point Leg Captain 1 6/22/2020 San Francisco Reno Donna Dovel 2 6/23/2020 Reno Ely, NV Rose Mandile 3 6/24/2020 Ely, NV Salt Lake, UT Rose Mandile 4 6/25/2020 Salt Lake, UT Craig, CO Rose Mandile 5 6/26/2020 Craig, CO Fort Morgan, CO John Dextras 6 6/27/2020 Fort Morgan, CO Wilson, KS Paul Simpson 7 6/28/2020 Wilson, KS Kansas City, MO Lowell Johnson 8 6/29/2020 Kansas City, MO St. Louis, MO Dave Crew 9 6/30/2020 St. Louis, MO Indianapolis, IN Wayne O Jr. 10 7/1/2020 Indianapolis, IN Columbus, OH Wayne O Jr. 11 7/2/2020 Columbus, OH Uniontown, PA David Lovell 12 7/3/2020 Uniontown, PA Frederick, MD David Lovell 13 7/4/2020 Frederick, MD Staten Island, NY David Lovell Leg Captains, hotels, and a few other small changes maybe needed as we all move through this novel Covid-19. The VMC Board is supporting this annual event. We are all in this together. Hoping you will be able to participate in one or more of the legs. This is a great event, you won't want to miss it. Stay tuned!
  8. Thanks Candi, I am working on this today. Please send PM's, post in this thread and by all means, respond to the emails that will be sent soon. Viv
  9. You are correct in the need for criteria. I also think this lack of required information is another reason many proposals are not submitted. Also correct in previous samples doesn't work! I believe your input will be missed.
  10. What good is a committee of several, when the decisions are made from few? That's what I mean.
  11. As a RR from SC, I would be honored to help with this event. The "usual" route goes through Missouri and Kansas and those states are part of South Central Region.
  12. If it could only be that simple! A group coming forward with a proposal is a simple statement for what has turned into a ridiculous, complex ordeal to endure. It has been mentioned several times by event committee members, that misunderstandings were the cause of one proposal for a National meet to be withdrawn by the submitting LC. Recently, the EC Chair would not acknowledge that proposal was submitted. That acknowledgement has not happened after two requests to correct the statement. I hope the 20th anniversary meet can be held in a location that will be able to pay tribute to the first meet, which is known as the Meet in the Middle. That first meeting was held in a field! Time has changed many things. VMC members have come and gone. Members have evolved in their preferences of bikes, and lodging, and expected vendors, etc. The one thing that I have enjoyed the most, is the people that I have met and the friendships that have been built. Most of those friends will never change for me, as some of my fondest memories were not made while being catered in a dining hall with white linen, but around a pizza box and a campfire. Until the deciding members of the board realize that their way is not the only way, I doubt it will be possible for an average LC to gain the event committees approval to hold such an event. That is unfortunate, as I have attended three Victory related events this year that were outstanding and they did not require the events committee involvement.
  13. Leg 13, 20th V2V, 7-4-19. 13 bikes left Carson City this am. Absolutely breathtaking views this morning. Followed Route 88 on south side of Lake Tahoe. Then lit Carson pass. Lunch at Jackson, CA.
  14. Leg 12, Gold Dust, Carson City, bike parking. Lots of beautiful bikes!
  15. In Ely across the street from the hotel is a Lincoln Memorial Highway marker.
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