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  1. The Leg Captains determine the routes, hotels and stops. To answer your question, it has been suggested to end leg 7 around Harrisonville, MO.
  2. It is time to start preparations for V2V 2023! It will be the Twenty Third run of this VMC event. I am honored to be the coordinator. Securing leg captains is the first step in planning this event. If enough leg captains volunteer, we will proceed with planning this event. Leg captains are responsible for planning the route, choosing a hotel, as well as selecting gas and lunch/dinner stops. If you are interested in being a leg captain or assisting with a leg, please reach out. In 1921 the Victory Highway Association was organized The Associations purpose was to create a transcontinental highway in honor of the men and women who served in WWI. The route later became known as Route 40. Now, more than 100 years later, parts of the original Route 40 have been replaced with interstate roads and other highways. The 13 leg relay will run from west to east this year. The information below suggests approximate start stop points. The start and end destinations of each leg are up to the leg captains. Leg # Date Start Point End Point 1 Th 6/22/2023 San Francisco, CA Reno, NV 2 Fr 6/23/2023 Reno, NV Ely, NV 3 Sa 6/24/2023 Ely, NV Richfield, UT 4 Su 6/25/2023 Richfield, UT Durango, CO 5 M 6/26/2023 Durango, CO Canon City, CO 6 Tu 6/27/2023 Canon City, CO Dodge City, KS 7 W 6/28/2023 Dodge City, KS Harrisonville, MO 8 Th 6/29/2023 Harrisonville, MO St. Louis, MO 9 Fr 6/30/2023 St. Louis, MO Indianapolis, IN 10 Sa 7/1/2023 Indianapolis, IN Columbus, OH 11 Su 7/2/2023 Columbus, OH Uniontown, PA 12 M 7/3/2023 Uniontown, PA Frederick, MD 13 Tu 7/4/2023 Frederick, MD Staten Island, NY If you are interested in assisting with a leg, please speak up. Vivian Hardin Aka, Pushstart hardinvo@yahoo.com
  3. Three people completed all 13 legs in this one year! I believe they need a round of applause and special recognition. In the last group beach picture (above) they are from left to right. Dave Crew Kat Cornell Jason Cornell Brent Fletcher (on the right) has completed all the legs in one year before also. Possibly more than once. Brent will need to clarify that.
  4. July 4th, 2022 leg 13, final leg. Victory Highway Memorial in Antioch, CA.
  5. Memories from leg 12, Ely to Carson City, NV. A Mormon cricket along for the ride also.
  6. Baton pass from leg 11 captain Donna Dovel to step in leg 12 captain, Tony Schleisman. (Rose is feeling better now)
  7. Some pictures from the end of leg 10 and the start of leg 11 on July 1st.
  8. Baton pass leg 10 captain Graham Vincent to Donna Dovel leg 11 captain. Leg 11 is Saturday July 2, from Salt Lake area to Ely, NV.
  9. Baton handoff leg 9, leg captain John Dextras to leg 10 leg captain Graham Vincent Friday July 1, at Craig, CO. Most riders from legs 9 & 10. And the morning riders meeting with Graham.
  10. Some photos from leg 9, Thursday June 30, John Dextras leg captain. 22 bikes most of the day. Yep, it got real wet and chilly. We saw snow at top of pass. Amazing ride, scenery, and most important some of the best Victory folks in the country. Make sure you follow Spot to see where the legs have been and are headed. Last leg is Monday, July 4.
  11. Baton handoff leg 8, Paul Simpson to leg 9, John Dextras Fort Morgan Colorado. Leg 9 is on June 30.. Group pic of leg 9 riders.
  12. Leg 8, 6-29-22. Geographical center of lower 48, Lebanon Kansas.
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